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I grew up in Slidell, Louisiana on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Ever since I was old enough to use a Fishing rod I was fishing. A lot of days were spent in a 12ft Aluminum flat boat with a trolling motor on the stern fishing around my Grand Parents Camp on Carr dr. I fished around all the docks and Boat houses Flipping worms for the Largemouth Bass. As I grew up and purchased my own truck I also purchased a small 14ft Fiberglas boat I would trailer around looking for new waters to fish. Venturing out on Lake Pontchartrain chasing Speckled Trout and Redfish on the bridges crossing the lake. After that I started moving farther south and farther away from home. St. Bernard Parish was my new fishing grounds. Shell Beach, Hopedale, Reggio & Delacroix just to name a few. Then I graduated from Salmen High School 1996. Well you all know what came next A Job. As all of you know this severely cut into my fishing time, which I did not like. I started working in the Air Condition field and worked there till the Beginning of February 2000 when my true Calling was answered!!! A local Fire department called and offered me a job, Which I Started March of 2000. Working my way up to the position I am currently in Now. January 2011 was promoted to Fire Captain. Well with the schedule of being employed at the Fire Dept. the fishing time increased due to the 24hrs on and 48 Hrs. off schedule. A couple of years ago a good friend of mine asked me" Why don’t you start guiding” I thought about it for a while and talked it over with some of my Family and decided to shut down the other business that I Own (Lawn care And a Hydro dipping Business) and go for it. So I received my Boat Captain License and started Guiding. We Now fish from Grand Isle to Venice and all of St. Bernard. 


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